How can I open an account?

The Professional site is only accessible with individuals who has SKINCARE credentials in the beauty industry. A certificate of completion must be submitted and authenticated by A Distribution Company for further approval. We encourage to submit as many credentials as you can for faster approval.

Who can order Sculplla+ products?

Professionals with wholesale can order directly from A Distribution Company. If you don't have an account with us please contact info@sculplla.ca 

Consumers can order retail items directly here: 

Where can I buy Sculplla+?

Professionals can directly purchase from A Distribution Company after account approval.

Consumers can order on our online store for retail items or to the closest retailers in the area.

Can I use Sculplla+ with other devices?

Yes you can. Sculplla+ can be use with microcurrent devices, galvanic devices, mild microneedling devices and dermaplaning methods. (CONSUMER BEWARE: ensure sterilization of this devices prior use) 

Can I use it after exfoliation?

Absolutely. We recommend an enzymatic lactic peel/wash for homecare use. Please follow your skincare therapist advice of use and as instructed on the labels.

Can I use it in congruent with other active serums?

Absolutely. Please follow skincare therapist advice or as instructed on the labels.

Is the professional treatment necessary?

Absolutely. You will have more results and a lasting effect with professional treatments.

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